With the YubiKey Authentication Subscription on AWS Marketplace, you have the ability to procure YubiKeys for a set number of users on a three-year subscription basis directly through AWS. AWS provides a simplified procurement process and direct billing, enabling your organization to get up and running with YubiKey multi-factor authentication (MFA) quickly and easily.

After subscribing, you will be able to complete your registration and create an order for your YubiKeys through the Registration application in Yubico’s AWS portal. Orders are conducted annually in bulk: all keys included in your subscription must be sent to a single address.

After registration, you will be able to view and manage your orders and users in the Orders application. Although the Registration and Orders applications must be signed into separately, they share the same login credentials.

To get started, click Continue to Subscribe on the portal overview page and follow the prompts to accept the public offer for a 500-user subscription.

Is the public offer insufficient for your organization? Please reach out to so we can tailor a subscription offering to your needs.

What this Guide Covers

After purchasing the YubiKey Authentication Subscription on AWS Marketplace, return to this guide for help with the following:

  • Signing into Yubico’s AWS portal. Before you can create an order for your YubiKeys or view an existing order, you must sign into the portal using the credentials established during the subscription offer acceptance stage. There are multiple login “subflows”, and which subflow is used depends on if and how your email address is connected with Microsoft services.