LED Behavior

The YubiKey Bio is not in a permanent state of readiness. It is therefore essential to wait for the key to signal its readiness by flashing the green LED before you touch it.

  • If the key reacts to your touch by the flashing or blinking of the green LED, you used the right touch.
  • If the amber LED flashes three times in quick succession, the attempt to match your fingerprint with the template was not successful.
  • If the amber LED flashes slowly and continuously, it is in the biometrics blocked state.
  • If the key does not react to your touch, you might not have touched both the bezel and the sensor. When you apply your fingerprint, always make sure you are touching the bezel at the same time. See Tips for the Touch below.

Fingerprint Enrollment Progress Indicators

The progress of reading of your fingerprint is displayed on-screen. The way it is shown depends on the client platform and browser. It is generally not under the control of the site or the service. The screenshots below show enrollment using platform support:


Chrome on macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS: Capturing the Fingerprint


Windows: Capturing the Fingerprint

Tips for the Touch

Because the fingerprint can be negatively affected by environmental conditions such as heat, cold, injury, etc., it is not always easy for the YubiKey Bio to interact with it. The following tips are helpful.

The YubiKey Bio recognizes two interactions, one a touch, and the other a fingerprint. Its recognition of the fingerprint - or lack thereof - is communicated through the LEDs (see LED Behavior).

On the YubiKey Bio, the silver-colored bezel encircling the fingerprint sensor provides the grounding plane required to read the fingerprint.

Biometric Touch:
 When prompted to have the YubiKey Bio read your fingerprint from the fingerprint sensor, be sure to touch at least a tiny part of the ring. If you use your little finger to touch only the center of the fingerprint sensor, the key will not read the fingerprint.
Plain Touch:When prompted to touch the YubiKey Bio but not explicitly asked for the fingerprint, touch both the bezel and the fingerprint sensor, even though the fingerprint will not be read.
Fingerprint:For enrolling, when we say ‘fingertip’, we actually mean the pad on the tip of the finger where the whorls of the fingerprint are. The fingerprint could equally well be a thumbprint or a toeprint; the YubiKey Bio makes no distinction between fingers, thumbs, and toes.
Quality of print:
 Dry or scarred skin can impede the key’s ability to perform a successful fingerprint match. If your hands are dry, use moisturizer or water to enable conduction. Do not apply wet fingertips.
Repeated readings:
 Enrolling your fingerprint requires pressing your fingertip against sensor (and bezel) several times, usually 5 to 8 times. If an attempt to capture is unsuccessful the YubiKey Bio will need you to repeat it.
Vary the angle:When enrolling a new fingerprint, angle your finger so that different parts of the fingerprint come in contact with the sensor and bezel with each capture. This enables the YubiKey Bio sensor to collect a larger area of your finger.
Temperature:If the fingertip is too cold, the YubiKey Bio might not be able to read the fingerprint. If your hands are cold, rub them together to get the circulation going and warm them up.
Press firmly:Press the YubiKey Bio sensor and bezel with your fingertip gently but firmly and hold for a second or so. If you are using an adapter, it may be necessary to hold onto the adapter to prevent it from bending and interrupting the connection to the YubiKey.
Stabilize key:If the YubiKey Bio seems to wobble in the USB port, use your other hand to hold it steady in the port while you are applying your fingertip.
Stabilize dongle:
 If you are using a dongle as an adapter to your device’s USB port, ensure the YubiKey Bio is stable enough for you to apply sufficient pressure with your fingertip.
Check the LEDs:When you start fingerprint enrollment, the green LED on your YubiKey Bio starts to flash. Start the fingerprint enrollment before the green LED on the YubiKey Bio stops flashing. The amber LED might flash slowly, indicating that no fingerprint is enrolled or that biometrics is in the blocked state.
Clean the sensor:
 If there is dust or oil residue on the YubiKey Bio sensor and bezel, clean it. See Care and Cleaning.
Change ports:Sometimes the USB port does not work well or the YubiKey Bio is loose in the port. Insert the YubiKey Bio in a different port on your device.