Requirements: Platform and Browser Compatibility


The YubiKey Bio Series works with the latest versions of most browsers and desktop operating systems. Currently, the best experience can be had on macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux, running up-to-date Chromium-based browsers.

On Windows 10, browsers are not currently able to tell the user when the YubiKey has failed to match the fingerprint, so the user must watch out for the YubiKey’s amber LED blinking to indicate when an attempt has failed. Windows 11 does not have this problem.

On other platforms, browsers such as Firefox and Safari have not yet (at the time of writing) implemented CTAP 2.1 and therefore the user will typically be prompted to enter the PIN even if the key is not in the “biometrics blocked” state.


  • The YubiKey Bio does not have NFC capabilities.
  • The YubiKey Bio can be used with mobile, but it is reliant on mobile operating system support as well as on browser support for the FIDO protocols. For more information, please refer to the relevant manufacturer’s web sites for your mobile device.
  • When the YubiKey Bio has fallen back to requiring the PIN, users may need to resort to computers (as opposed to mobile devices) to unblock biometrics .

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