Resetting Your YubiKey Bio with the Yubico Authenticator for Desktop

In this context, resetting means resetting the FIDO application. You can also perform a FIDO reset using the YubiKey Manager, Windows Sign-in options, or the Chrome browser settings.

The main cause for the biometric function blocking is failure to match the fingerprint three times in a row. If the YubiKey Bio was locked because the biometric function was blocked, you can just unblock it instead of resetting it: see Tools.

Resetting the key is not the same as unblocking it. Because resetting the FIDO2 and FIDO U2F applications returns the key to the factory default state, when it has neither fingerprints nor PIN nor credentials, you must enroll your fingerprints again after resetting it (see the relevant Enrolling chapter, either Using Chrome to Enroll Fingerprints or Using Windows to Enroll Fingerprints), and register your key again to your apps and services.

Note that resetting your YubiKey Bio deletes all credentials, the PIN, and stored fingerprint templates.

To review your options for tools to reset the YubiKey Bio, see Tools.

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