Concept: Errors


Below are error codes returned by a YubiHSM device.

Name Value Description
OK 0x00 Success
INVALID COMMAND 0x01 Unknown command
INVALID DATA 0x02 Malformed data for the command
INVALID SESSION 0x03 The session has expired or does not exist
AUTHENTICATION FAILED 0x04 Wrong Authentication Key
SESSIONS FULL 0x05 No more available sessions
SESSION FAILED 0x06 Session setup failed
STORAGE FAILED 0x07 Storage full
WRONG LENGTH 0x08 Wrong data length for the command
0x09 Insufficient permissions for the command
LOG FULL 0x0a The log is full and force audit is enabled
OBJECT NOT FOUND 0x0b No object found matching given ID and Type
INVALID ID 0x0c Invalid ID
0x0e Constraints in SSH Template not met
INVALID OTP 0x0f OTP decryption failed
DEMO MODE 0x10 Demo device must be power-cycled
OBJECT EXISTS 0x11 Unable to overwrite object