Install Yubico Authenticator on Desktop

Step 1:

Download Yubico Authenticator for your operating system.

See Download the Yubico Authenticator App. Downloads for all supported operating systems are available on the Yubico Authenticator release page.

Step 2:

Start the installer.

  • MacOS – Double-click the yubico-authenticator-<version>.dmg
  • Windows – Double-click the Yubico-desktop-<version>.msi
  • Linux – See Linux Installation Tips.
Step 3:

Follow the prompts as presented by each operating system.

When installation is complete, see Setup Yubico Authenticator Desktop on Windows and Setup Yubico Authenticator Desktop on macOS for additional setup steps for Windows and macOS.

Linux Installation Tips


Install via Snap Store, or use the AppImage available here.

See How to run an AppImage? for instructions on how to use AppImages.

If you have trouble getting the AppImage to work, make sure your system has the pcscd package installed.


Install via your distribution’s repositories, if possible. Since the exact steps for this vary from OS to OS, please refer to your distribution’s documentation for more information.

For additional methods for installing Yubico software on Linux, see Installing Yubico Sofware on Linux.

To file a support ticket with Yubico, click Support.