3DES:Triple Data Encryption Algorithm
AES:Advanced Encryption Standard
CCC:Card Capability Container
CCID:Chip card interface device, a USB protocol for a smartcard.
CHUID:Card Holder Unique ID
CMS:Credential Management System
CN:Common name
CSR:Certificate Signing Request
ECC:Elliptic curve cryptography
FIDO:Fast Identity Online
FIPS:Federal Information Processing Standards (US government) covering codes and encryption standards.
HMAC:Hash-based message authentication code
HOTP:HMAC-based One-Time Password algorithm
KDF:Key Derivation Function
OATH:The Initiative for Open Authentication is an organization that specifies two open authentication standards, TOTP and HOTP.
OTP:One-Time Password
PBKDF2:Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2
PKCS #11:This is number eleven of the Public Key Cryptography Standards; it is also the API for creating and manipulating cryptographic tokens.
PUK:PIN Unlock Key
stdin:standard input - usually keyboard or CLI instructions
stdout:standard output - usually print to screen
TOTP:Time-based One-Time Password algorithm
X.509:The standard defining the format of a public key certificate