Yubico Authenticator Troubleshooting


Do not click the Clear button visible on the main page of the Authenticator unless you mean to delete all your saved passwords.


Clear Button

Wrong/Incorrect Codes from Yubico Authenticator

Yubico Authenticator generates time-based one-time passwords (or passcodes or just codes) (TOTPs) as per the OATH-TOTP standard. If the codes being generated are being rejected as incorrect, it is probably because the clock is wrong on the device running Yubico Authenticator. Reset the clock by following the instructions for that operating system or device: for an example, see the knowledge base article on this topic for a Dell computer.

Password-protecting the YubiKey’s OATH Application


OATH-related information is not relevant to the YubiKey Bio, which uses the FIDO protocol.

To further enhance the security of your YubiKey, consider adding a password to its OATH application. This will result in the password being required before codes can be generated with Yubico Authenticator. To add a password to the OATH application:

  • In Yubico Authenticator for desktop:

    • Click the triple-dot button to open the menu and expand the section Set password.
  • In Yubico Authenticator for iOS:

    • Tap the gear button to open the menu, and tap Set password.
  • In Yubico Authenticator for Android:

    • Scan or insert your YubiKey, tap the triple-dot button, then tap Change password.

Backing up Accounts

While it isn’t possible to back up accounts from the YubiKey itself, it is possible to back up the piece of information provided by each service provider, and then use that to program the same account (or credential) onto multiple YubiKeys.

To back up your access to your accounts:

  1. When you first set up a service with Yubico Authenticator, take a screenshot of the QR code (or make a copy of the secret key) provided by the service. Do this for every service.
  2. Complete setting up your primary YubiKey using this QR code or secret key.
  3. Use that to program the same account or credential onto multiple YubiKeys. See Setup Your YubiKey with Yubico Authenticator for Desktop, step 5 in particular.

To file a support ticket with Yubico, click Support.