Yubico Authenticator Platforms and Requirements

Yubico Authenticator app works with mobile and desktop platforms.

Supported Devices

Yubico Authenticator for Desktop supports YubiKeys from the following series:

  • YubiKey Bio - FIDO Edition
  • YubiKey 5 FIPS Series
  • YubiKey 5 Series
  • YubiKey 4 Series
  • The NEO
OTP Codes:To generate OTP codes, the Yubico Authenticator requires a key from the YubiKey 5 Series.

Yubico Authenticator for Mobile Devices

This is an authenticator app compatible with the OATH standard for time and counter based numeric OTPs, as used by many online services.

To store these credentials and generate the codes, it uses a compatible YubiKey, connected either via NFC or USB (requires a USB On-the-go cable, or USB-C).

The USB functionality requires your mobile device to support USB Host mode, and for CCID to be enabled on your YubiKey.

Yubico Authenticator for Desktop

Desktop System Requirements

The following operating systems are supported. The application might run on other platforms too.

  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later
    Linux systems:Make sure the pcscd service is installed and running.

As a cross-platform application, Yubico Authenticator for Desktop runs on Window, Mac, and Linux.

Use of the Yubico Authenticator for Desktop requires a compatible YubiKey, i.e., one from the Supported Devices list.

Yubico Authenticator for Desktop can be provisioned using both slot-based credentials (compatible with any YubiKey that supports OTP) and the more powerful standalone OATH functionality.

Yubico Authenticator is a software authenticator. It provides the following features and capabilities:

  • Generate two-step verification codes on a desktop to authenticate to online services and software applications
  • Generate authenticator codes without having to open the app
  • Manage YubiKeys: Manage fingerprint templates on the YubiKey Bio as well as the PIN and credentials stored on any YubiKey (e.g. 4 Series, 5 Series, FIPS, or CSPN)
  • Keep your secret seeds safe by storing them on a YubiKey
  • Set the YubiKey to require user presence (touch) to generate the code
  • Protect your OATH credentials with a device password
  • Connect an external smart card reader to use the YubiKey over NFC.

Online Accounts

Yubico Authenticator adds a layer of security for online accounts.


Generate 2-step verification codes on a mobile or desktop device and apply cross platform.


Experience stronger security for online accounts by adding a layer of security beyond passwords.


Secure all services currently compatible with other authenticator apps, including Google Authenticator.


Yubico Authenticator is a GUI application. If you prefer to use a CLI (command line interface), use the YubiKey Manager CLI with the ykman fido commands.

To file a support ticket with Yubico, click Support.