Costs of Shipping and Taxes

For up-to-date shipment pricing to supported destinations, see the YubiEnterprise Delivery pricing table. The table lists destinatioun countries and key shipment limits for each country. For bulk shipments to single-key countries, contact YubiEnterprise Delivery Support.

Delivery Services Credits

YubiEnterprise Delivery service customers will be invoiced for Delivery Services Credits to cover shipping and taxes after the fact.


Customers with credits remaining after having paid in advance for them will continue to be able to draw them down until those credits are exhausted.

YubiEnterprise Delivery Shipping/Services Credits are shipping fees, a Shipping Credits SKU that is invoiced after shipment. For each shipment request, YubiEnterprise Delivery will automatically deduct the appropriate shipping fees and calculate the product taxes based on destination address and shipping taxes based on location from which the products are shipped.

At the end of every month in which shipment requests are made, Yubico invoices you.

The apportioning of the taxes / VAT across shipping and product is shown:

  • On the invoice sent at the end of the month in which shipping was requested.
  • On the Console - each shipment request that is made is assigned an ID. To display the tax or VAT charged for any given shipment, on the Shipments tab or the Dashboard tab, click on its Id in the lists of shipments and recent shipments.


Shipping costs are determined at the time of shipping. They are based on:

  • The weight/size of the package - this is affected by the way the keys are packaged, in trays or in blister packs. It is cheaper to ship large volumes of keys in trays than in blister packs, because the blister packs result in heavier, more voluminous packages.
  • Destination
  • Type of shipment, expedited or normal.

Sales Tax/VAT on Shipping

The VAT or sales tax charged for shipping is distinct from the VAT or sales tax charged for the product itself. Sales tax or VAT is charged on shipping costs at the rate imposed by the location where the shipment originates (see Delivery Policies).

Sales Tax/VAT on Product

Yubico calculates product taxes based on shipment destination. When the Delivery Services Credits are purchased and invoiced in advance, the rate charged is 10% for US and Canadian destinations. Products are taxed at the actual tax rates of shipping destination, and the customer is charged by aggregating individual shipments at the end of each month in a consolidated invoice. At the end of each month in which shipments are dispatched, Yubico’s invoice shows the reconciliation of the Delivery Services Credits purchased with the amounts actually charged.


Sales tax/VAT on product is not calculated until the shipment has been shipped.

Method of Calculating VAT

  • If you are based in the Netherlands, Yubico charges VAT on the initial invoice.
  • If you are based in the EU but not in the Netherlands and you provide a valid non-Netherlands EU VAT number, no VAT is charged on the initial invoice.
  • If you are based in the EU but not in the Netherlands and you do not provide a valid non-Netherlands EU VAT number, VAT is charged based on shipment source, which is the Netherlands.


Sales Tax

To claim exemption from sales tax, you must present to Yubico the sales tax exemption certificate for the location to which the product is being shipped.


To claim exemption from VAT, you must present the VAT number; treatment varies depending on the country. Yubico does VAT reconciliation at the end of the month. It will then credit the customer with the amount of the tax charged on both product and shipping.

To file a support ticket for YubiEnterprise Delivery, click Support.