The Dashboard gives an overview of most activities and provides Org Owners and Org Admins with a shortcut to requesting shipments. Org Owners, Admins, and auditors can:

  • View product inventory
  • View recent shipments
  • View recent purchase orders (POs).

For more information on YubiEnterprise user permissions, see Roles/Permissions.

Since the Dashboard provides an overview of YubiEnterprise Delivery functionality, more detailed descriptions of each function are given in the corresponding topics, Shipments: Overview, Requesting Shipment: Introduction, Purchase Orders, and User Management (Settings).

The screenshots below show a representative Org Owner’s view of the Dashboard tab of the YubiEnterprise Delivery console with the applicable subsections.

The Dashboard displays cards for each of the different subscription plans/tiers within the primary, backup and replacement categories. Each card shows the licenses available and the total licenses in the form of numbers and a circular graphic showing the amount of product consumed and remaining. In addition, the supported form factors for each plan/tier/category can be viewed. The screenshot below shows an example of Subscription (2.0).


To view the form factors available for each type of subscription, click the left-pointing caret on the right of the title bar on the card for each type of subscription. The Form factors available popup opens on the card. This is shown on the top two cards in the screenshot above; the bottom two cards have unclicked carets and thus do not display the available form factors.

You can put in a shipment request directly from each subscription card as well as from within the Form factors available window. For more information on creating shipment requests, see Requesting Shipment: Introduction.

Subscription (2.0) is differentiated from Subscription (1.0), and the standard products inventory is shown simply as form factors available.


In the examples shown above, we see the subscription tiers purchased plus inventory available in addition to standard product inventory. Recent Shipments is shown on the Dashboard below that, along with Recent Purchase Orders (POs). Entitlement to products for each subscription tier is given in Key Models Per Tier.

Recent Shipments

Only recent shipments are displayed on the Dashboard. To view all shipments, click the Shipments tab. The information displayed in the table in the Recent Shipments section is explained in Column Headings - Shipments Tab, which is in Shipments: Overview.

Recent Purchase Orders (POs)

Only recent POs are shown on the Dashboard. To view all POs, click View all purchase orders, which takes you to the Purchase Orders tab. The information displayed in the table in the Recent purchase orders section is explained in Purchase Order Tab Column Headings.

To file a support ticket with Yubico, click Support.