Shipping to a Single Address (Console)

The information in Requesting Shipment: Introduction applies to shipping to a single address using the console; see the Restrictions section, which lists the limits on field content and gives guidance on format.


To use the CONSOLE to request shipping of keys from your inventory to one address,

Step 1:

Click Create shipment request. The New shipping request popup appears. Select the tab on the left, Single shipment.

Step 2:

Fill in the address fields using Google Maps address formats (see Troubleshooting) and selecting from the Region/State dropdown. The limits on the various fields and the options for the dropdown are shown in Shipment Request Fields.

  • For commercial/business addresses, enter the name of the recipient’s company in the Company field.
  • For residential addresses, leave the Company field empty, unless the recipient’s name is too long to fit into the first and last name fields.
Step 3:

For the Delivery Type dropdown, select one of the two shipment types, Normal or Expedited. Your selection determines the shipping fee, which is calculated after you complete the shipping request.

Step 4:

Select the inventory that you are drawing on in the From stock dropdown list by clicking on the list, then on the appropriate checkbox(es. Multiple selections simultaneously are possible.

For a complete list and explanations of the options, see Inventory Matters. In the screenshot below, the number 4 on the right in the From stock field shows that four inventories were selected - those shown below the field. (The field itself is too short to name more than one of them; the three dots following in the field indicate that further selections were made).


If you select an inventory, but do not fill in any of the product fields, no shipment request is created.

Step 5:

As soon as you have selected the stock and clicked in the Shipping quantity field for a key, any quantities you previously entered in that field are displayed.


Enter the desired quantities in the appropriate fields.

Step 6:

Click Create shipment request. The Shipment confirmation popup appears:


Click Confirm. If all went well, you are notified that your request was accepted:


Shipment Request Fields

In the table below, all fields not marked as mandatory are optional. The Limit column displays the maximum number of alphanumeric characters permitted per field/table cell.

Shipment Request Fields
Console: Field Label
CSV: Column Heading
Description Limit
Country code
Mandatory. Country code from available_countries.csv 2
Company recipient Mandatory if name of recipient is not provided 20
First name
Name of recipient. Mandatory if company name not given 15
Last name
Recipient’s family name. Mandatory, absent company name 20
Address 1
Mandatory. First line of address 60
Address 2
Mandatory if address undeliverable without (e.g. suite #) 60
Address 3
Not supported for expedited/rush orders 60
City Mandatory. City, town, or township 60
For the US and Canada, USPS codes are mandatory. See
USPS Codes for US and Canada. (Console users: Select code
from dropdown). For other countries, region or state is
mandatory if the address is not deliverable without it.
To check address deliverability, see footnote to table.
Zip code or postal code 50
Recipient’s email address 40
Contact Phone

Telephone number of shipment recipient
The limit is 40 of the alphanumeric characters
“0-9+-( )” unless the country code is IN, in which
case the limit is 255. Any format is acceptable,
with or without spaces
Type of shipping, “Normal” (1) or “Expedited” (2).
Integers (mandatory for API) OR words
InventoryType Mandatory. Console users select from dropdown.
Mandatory. If inventory was purchased directly from
Yubico, enter “1”; if not, enter the ChannelPartnerId
Security Key NFC by Yubico Number of keys to be shipped 3
Yubikey 5 NFC Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5 Nano Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C Nano Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C NFC Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5Ci Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5 NFC FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5 Nano FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C Nano FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5C NFC FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3
YubiKey 5Ci FIPS Number of keys to be shipped 3

Footnote: To find out if an address is deliverable, make a shipment request and see what status code or message it gets. Deliverability is determined by our shipping partners, and it is their codes and messages we display when it comes to questions of deliverability. For a fuller explanation, see Troubleshooting.

To file a support ticket for YubiEnterprise Delivery, click Support.