Shipping to a Single Address

The information in this section describes how to create shipment requests to a single recipient address from the YubiEnterprise Console. To create shipments to multiple addresses, see Shipping to Multiple Addresses: Bulk Shipments. For information about shipment request concepts, see Shipment Requests and Working with Shipments.

Creating a Shipment Request

To use the Console to request shipping of keys from your inventory to an individual address, click one of the following:

  • CREATE SHIPMENT REQUEST in the card for the appropriate subscription on the Dashboard.
  • The Create shipment request button on the Shipments tab.

The New shipping request form appears with the SINGLE SHIPMENT tab displayed by default.


Enter information in the form fields as described in the following. For detailed descriptions of form fields and their values, see Shipment Request Form Fields.

  1. If applicable, select a Reseller from the dropdown list. Your selection determines the inventories from which you can draw products from. The Reseller ID field is automatically populated depending on the selected reseller.

  2. Enter the required Recipient information, either provide a company name or a recipient name, or both.

  3. Enter the Shipping information. Ensure you enter a valid recipient address and phone number for a succesful delivery, see Entering Shipping Information.

  4. Select the Delivery Type, Normal or Expedited. Your selection determines the shipping fee, which is calculated after you complete the shipping request.

  5. Under Product selection, click in the Products field to display available inventories.

  6. Select one or more inventories to draw products from.

  7. Select the desired products from each inventory. Note that inventory restrictions might apply, see Shippable Inventory. For explanation of subscriptions, see Subscriptions and Inventories.

  8. Click Create shipment request. The Shipment Confirmation popup appears.

  9. Click Confirm. If all went well, you are notified that your request was accepted. The new shipment request will appear in the Shipments page.


Shipment Request Form Fields

The table below provides descriptions of fields in the New shipping request form. Fields not marked as Required are optional. The Limit column displays the maximum number of alphanumeric characters permitted per field. You will be notified in the Console if the number of characters you enter in a field exceeds the limit.

Field Name Description Limit
Reseller ID

Required. Even if the selling entity was Yubico
(direct sale), the Reseller name must be selected.
The Reseller ID is automatically populated.
First name

Name of recipient. Required if company name is not
provided. Maps to the first line on the shipping label.
Last name

Recipient’s family name. Required if first name is
provided. Maps to the first line on the shipping label.

Required if name of recipient is not provided. Maps to
the second line of the shipping label if the address is
not residential. Do not provide a company name if
shipping to a residential address.

Required. Select a country from the list of destination
countries that your organization is allowed to ship to.
Address 1
Required. First line of address. 60
Address 2

Required if address is undeliverable without, for
example suite #.
City Required. City, town, or township. 60

USPS codes are required for the US and Canada, see
Region/State Codes for US and Canada. Region/state is required
for other countries if the address is undeliverable
without it.
Postal code
Required. Zip code or postal code. 50

Required. Telephone number of shipment recipient. Any
format is acceptable with or without spaces. Limit is
40 of the alphanumeric characters “0-9+-( )” unless
the country code is IN, in which case the limit is 255.
Email address
Recipient’s email address.

Managing Long Recipient Names

Long recipient or company names can be problematic because the shipment request will fail if the maximum number of permitted characters is exceeded for these fields.

Workaround: When a recipient’s full name or company name exceeds the fields’ maximum lengths, split the names across the three fields, as in this example:

Field (limit=15) Field (limit=20) Field (limit=20)
First name Last name Company
Example of an overly long name before adjustment to fit the fields
Johannes-Maximilian von Derschowitz-Dampfloch zu Querdenker
Example after adjustment
Joh.-Maximilian v.DerschowitzDampfloch zu Querdenker

Entering Shipping Information


When creating shipment requests and selecting destination countries, you will only see countries that are enabled for your organization in the Country dropdown list. However, you can ship to all countries that are listed in the YubiEnterprise Delivery pricing table. To ship to other countries, contact YubiEnterprise Delivery Support.

For a successful delivery of your order, always ensure that the recipient information you provide is valid. The Phone field in the shipment request form is the telephone number of the shipment recipient, and is used by the carrier to complete the last stage of delivery. Ensure you submit a valid phone number to avoid the order being returned to the sender.

Incomplete or incorrect address information might cause validation errors. For example, entering the following information for a shipment request would result in failure because USPS recognizes that there are multiple companies in the building whose address is 530 Lytton Avenue:

Jan Lindberg
530 Lytton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Similarly, entering the following information for a shipment request would result in failure because a residential address would not be associated with a company.

Jan Lindberg
Yubico Inc.
6 Lea Rd
Dronfield S18 1SB

When adding address information, you can for example use the address formats provided by Google Maps, see note in Troubleshooting. The limits on the various fields and the options for the dropdown are given in Shipment Request Form Fields.

Verifying Shipment Status

You can view the status of shipment requests on the Shipments page in the Status column. To ensure your shipping request is accepted for processing, always verify that it has not been flagged as Incomplete by the validation service. For more information on how to correct incomplete shipment requests, see Reviewing Incompletes.

Editing and Deleting Shipment Requests

You can update an address or delete a shipment request until it is locked for processing and fulfillment. Editable shipment requests are shown with a pencil icon in the list of Shipments. For more information, see Editing or Deleting a Shipment.

To file a support ticket for YubiEnterprise Delivery, click Support.