Modes of Purchase

The mode of purchase affects the selections you make when using YubiEnterprise Delivery for shipment requests. You can purchase directly from Yubico or you can purchase from distributors, Yubico’s channel partners (see Purchasing Through a Channel Partner below).

There are three modes of purchase:


Outright Purchase of Physical Keys

Purchasing set numbers of keys of specified types on a perpetual basis (you own the keys that you buy forever) assumes that you know exactly how many end-users you will have at any given moment, that you know exactly how many and what kinds of keys those end-users will need, as well as the number of end-users who will lose their keys.

Outright Purchase of Virtual Keys

This option is ideal if you know how many keys you need (now and in the future), but not the exact numbers and the exact types of keys. To address this, YubiEnterprise offers groups of keys (tiers), each with a clearly defined range of features: you buy a fixed number of credits in one or more tiers (see Tier Options below). This option assumes that upgrading keys is not relevant for your organization, and that your business needs will remain static.


Since the exact numbers and models of keys you will need are difficult to predict, especially for an organization in a rapidly changing environment, Yubico offers the option of purchasing according to need as and when it arises. The subscription model includes the option of upgrading keys free of charge as business requirements evolve, as well as buffer stock free of charge. Subscriptions are charged at a fixed price per person per month, entitling you to distribute any key(s) in a specified group of keys (tier) to a specified numbers of users. You and/or your end-users choose any YubiKey with the assurance that when new keys within the same tier become available, you can upgrade immediately.

Features and Benefits

  • Procurement that is fast, predictable, and cost-effective
  • Organizations can move between tiers as needs evolve
  • Subscriptions available for 750 users or more
  • Upgrade up to 25% of YubiKeys for subscribed users per year
  • Immediately replace lost or stolen keys
  • Maintain buffer stock: to accommodate any urgent needs, keep 5% extra stock of keys at no additional cost. If you are subscribing to multiple tiers, the buffer stock is proportionately distributed across the tiers.
  • Purchase backup YubiKey subscriptions at a discount to enable easy self-service account recovery.
  • Technical support included: easy access to Yubico security experts. Yubico Support Services Overview can be found here
  • Extended warranty: Warranties are extended to the duration of the term of the subscription.

For more detailed information, see the YubiEnterprise Delivery Terms Addendum.

Tier Options

Tier options apply to subscription modes of purchasing, but not to outright purchase of physical keys.

Base Advanced Premium FIPS
Security Key NFC by Yubico X X X X
YubiKey 5   X X X
YubiKey 5 NFC   X X X
YubiKey 5 Nano   X X X
YubiKey 5C   X X X
YubiKey 5C Nano   X X X
YubiKey 5Ci     X X
YubiKey FIPS       X
YubiKey Nano FIPS       X
YubiKey C FIPS       X
YubiKey C Nano FIPS       X

Example Subscription

Purchase a subscription for 400 users with two keys each from the Base tier (800 keys), and for 600 users with two keys each from the Advanced tier (1200 keys). You automatically get 5% more keys free as Buffer stock for each of the tiers to which you subscribed, so in this example, 40 keys from the Base tier and 60 from the Advanced tier. You can upgrade annually 25% of the keys in each tier as Replacement stock, so 200 keys are automatically provided to you in the Base tier and 300 in the Advanced tier. Although you only paid for the 2000 keys in your Initial order, you actually get a total of 2600 keys in the first year of your subscription. In addition, you get a discount on any other keys.

Subscription Purchasing Workflow

The standard subscription contract is a signed order form that covers Yubico terms and supersedes all other documents, followed by a purchase order (PO), which is required for invoicing and payment. It is not necessary for the date of the PO to coincide with the start date of the subscription, but the start date is specified in the PO, and it is the start date that determines when the annual 25% replenishment of the Replacement stock takes place.

Although it is not possible to create a PO from YubiEnterprise Delivery, as soon as a PO is accepted, it is entered into the system, where it can be accessed to get the information necessary for requesting shipments, information such as quantities of each product purchased and channel partner ID.

Subscription Renewal

The subscription automatically renews for a one-year term unless one party provides the other party with written notice of non-renewal at least 30 days prior to the end of the current term.


The payment term options for YubiEnterprise Delivery Subscription are either of the following:

  • Pre-pay the full subscription term
    • Invoice is created when the order form is processed
    • Terms of payment are net 30 days from date of invoice creation.
  • Post-pay: Pay annually
    • Invoice for the first year is created when the order form is processed
    • Subsequent invoices are sent at the end of the 11th month and at the end of the 23rd month
    • For each invoice, terms of payment are net 30 days from date of invoice creation
    • Delivery shipping credits do not need to be purchased.


Yubico supports co-terming for YubiEnterprise Delivery Subscription, allowing organizations to add users throughout the term of the subscription. Customers pay based on the pro-rated term of the remaining subscription period.

Purchasing Through a Channel Partner

When requesting shipment, distinguish between inventory purchased directly from Yubico and inventory purchased from Yubico’s channel partners, because inventory is sorted according to the source from which it was purchased. The Dashboard shows your total inventory of any given product, combining quantities purchased from all sources: both directly from Yubico and indirectly through channel partners (if applicable). To find out what is in which inventory, check your purchase orders (POs).


The source of a PO is always referred to as a channel partner, even if it was a direct purchase, in which case the Channel partner ID (or ChannelPartnerId or channelpartner_id) is 1.


the selection of channel partner is not supported in the /shipments API.

To find out what the channel partner ID is:

BEFORE shipment:
 The name and ID of the channel partner are shown on the purchase order detail page, accessible by clicking the ID of the PO on the Purchase orders page.
DURING creation of shipment request:
 When selecting the Channel partner name on the Single shipment tab (accessed by clicking Create shipment request), the Channel partner ID populates automatically.
AFTER shipment:The Channel partner ID is shown on the shipment request detail page, accessible by clicking the ID of the shipment request on the Shipments tab.

When a customer purchases through a channel partner, the customer’s view of the console shows neither the cost of the products nor the shipping costs. Only the shipment status is shown.

To file a support ticket for YubiEnterprise Delivery, click Support.