YubiEnterprise Services

YubiEnterprise Services enable organizations to procure YubiKeys efficiently, distribute them rapidly, and remotely manage YubiKey strong authentication solutions at scale. These services are the gateway to value-added service offerings.

YubiEnterprise Subscription

YubiEnterprise Subscription provides cost-effective and flexible YubiKey procurement and rollout. It simplifies the acquisition and rollout of phishing-resistant authentication, with future-proofed flexibility.


  • Lower cost to entry: Gain phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication for very low prices per user per month (OPEX) with additional entitlements and discounts.
  • Flexibility: Enable user choice to select preferred YubiKeys with the option to upgrade as needs evolve.
  • Future-proofed: Ensure security is always prioritized as your business evolves and you experience employee turnover and/or replace lost or stolen keys.
  • Faster rollouts: Quickly deploy and protect your workforce and your brand. Stay connected to security experts via Professional Services, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and Priority Support.

Subscription Use Cases

Connecting to an IDP or Authenticating only to FIDO-enabled sites:
 Choose Base Tier (FIDO-only) Security Key Series
Securing both legacy and modern apps and/or services:
 Choose Advanced Tier (Multi-protocol) YubiKey 5 Series
Achieving compliance (for example FIPS, CSPN):
 Choose Compliance Tier (Certified) YubiKey 5 FIPS Series, YubiKey 5 CSPN Series

The tiers and their contents are described in detail in Modes of Purchase.

YubiEnterprise Delivery

Providing distribution and logistics for YubiKeys, YubiEnterprise Delivery is a cloud-based service for streamlined distribution of YubiKeys to end users’ offices or residential addresses, both domestic and foreign.

  • Ship Yubico products to end users, tracking them through the system with seamless support from the experts at Yubico
  • Access the service through the YubiEnterprise Delivery Console or integrate the service into your own IT flows using YubiEnterprise Delivery public APIs
  • Place individual shipment requests or upload shipment requests in bulk using CSV files
  • Check current inventory levels at a glance
  • Get immediate information on product and shipping costs, as well as all other details relating to purchasing and shipment.
  • Generate reports on all shipment requests over time for interdepartmental cross-charging.

To quickly get up and running with YubiEnterprise Delivery, see the following:


In the typical use case, an enterprise or organization purchases a subscription to cover their security key needs over time. Modes of Purchase describes the options in detail.

The enterprise or organization then uses YubiEnterprise Console to ship the security keys to their end users as required. Some of the keys might be shipped to head office and/or branch offices for distribution in person, and many will be shipped to the home addresses of employees working remotely. To help perform these tasks, the YubiEnterprise account owner usually assigns privileges (roles) to others in their organization so that they too (or instead) can use YubiEnterprise Delivery to ship security keys to the end users.


Through your Yubico sales person or a distributor, Yubico’s channel partner, your organization issues a purchase order for:

  • YubiEnterprise Subscription Services (or non-subscription products)
  • YubiEnterprise Delivery Services
  • Delivery Services (Shipping) Credits. For details on what this covers, see Delivery Services Credits.

The YubiEnterprise Delivery Console (GUI) requires only a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, with the popup-blocking function disabled. For the API requirements, see API Onboarding Playbook.

To file a support ticket for YubiEnterprise Delivery, click Support.