ServiceNow Integrations


ServiceNow IntegrationHub is a centralized location to build and manage integrations. It is made up of a series of “spokes,” self-contained, scoped applications that contain all of the artifacts that make up an integration, primarily “Actions”.

With the aid of the following example, we will demonstrate how to integrate the YubiEnterprise Delivery API into a ServiceNow spoke in order to enable your end users to order YubiKeys from your organization’s inventory with just a few clicks.

This guide will cover:

  1. How to add a YubiKey to your service catalog
  2. How to configure your form to send a request to the YED API to create a shipment
  3. How to send shipment tracking information to your end user

Step-by-step Guide

The YubiEnterprise Delivery for ServiceNow Tutorial will walk you through configuring your custom spoke.


The aim of this guide is not to create a production-ready prototype, but instead to familiarize you with ServiceNow and the method of integrating it with YubiEnterprise Delivery. Below are a few of the considerations to keep in mind to ensure the success of your integration.

Policies to prevent abuse:
 This demo will allow a user to request shipment of as many keys as they desire. Additional logic will need to be built in to limit the number of shipment requests based on your requirements.
Selectable security Key:
 This demo is configured to order the YubiKey 5 NFC, and can be extended a variety of ways to allow different keys.
Error handling:There is one section in this guide that describes handling methods if an error is sent during the initial order. For a production deployment, there are a variety of different error cases that should be considered such as low inventory, shipment failure, undeliverable address, etc.
Auto-filling address:
 Currently this guide assumes that the user will be shipping their key to the address listed in ServiceNow. The catalog item may need to be extended to allow the user to input their personal address (for example, if they are not located at one of your main offices). You may want to consider leveraging the YubiEnterprise Delivery Verify Address API to allow your users to correct any address errors prior to submitting a shipment request.

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