Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders tab displays the purchase orders (POs) that have been submitted for both products and delivery shipping credits.


POs are not made from the YubiEnterprise Delivery Console, but instead by contacting your Yubico sales representative or your channel partner.

The Purchase Orders tab is for reference, and therefore the information displayed is read-only. It lists all your order information as shown in the example in the screenshot below:


Purchase Orders tab

You can view the number and type of products you currently have in inventory by clicking on the PO number to display the PO Detail View. Your Available credits are shown on the most recent PO Detail View as well as on the Dashboard.

More details - particularly those relating to subscriptions - can be found in Modes of Purchase.

PO Tab Column Headings

Order date:

Date on which the order was received.

Purchase order number:

PO number. This is a link to a PO Detail View showing what was purchased and your existing inventory. If you purchased from a channel partner, unit prices are not shown.

Channel partner name:

This field is empty if you purchased directly from Yubico.


Email address on the PO.


The extent to which the selected PO has been consumed. As shipping requests are processed, inventory and shipping credits will be depleted.

  • Available for shipment - you have products in inventory
  • Order consumed - all products purchased have been shipped
  • Order Expired, contact sales - the PO expired before the keys were shipped, so you should contact your Yubico sales person.

PO Detail View

For more information about a PO, click on its Purchase order number. The PO popup shows:

  • The purchase order number, or if applicable, the channel partner name and the channel partner ID
  • Available inventory: The name and quantity of each product available/purchased:
    • Number shown in bold indicates number of keys ordered. Number not bolded indicates number of keys currently in inventory.
    • If the purchase was direct (not through a channel partner), the unit price per item is shown.
    • For subscription customers, the tiers are shown.
    • [US] Taxes: Amount of tax assessed on product; in square brackets is name of applicable entity
    • VAT: Amount of value-added tax assessed on product (UK and EU).
    • Shipping: Fees for shipping (US and Canada).

PO # Window: Direct purchase showing [placeholder] unit prices

To file a support ticket for YubiEnterprise Delivery, click Support.